Bracelet Hidden Camera
Item No: YI-SP817


Bracelet Hidden Camera: The bracelet with built-in the hidden lens, so it records video without anyone’s notice, very suitable for interview, entertainment, home security and outdoor activity, It also works as a fashion trendy bracelet.

Full HD 1080P Video Quality: High definition bracelet camera with full HD video recording resolution is 1920x1080P/30FPS, photo resolution is 2560 x 1440. Note: The package comes with a screen protective film on the bracelet,you need to remove and then take quality videos and photos. You need to insert a SD card before recording videos/take photos. To view the videos and photos, just insert your SD card to a phone/personal computer.

Easy Set Up: There have 2 function keys, press K1 button to turn on the bracelet camera, press K1 button once again to recording, to stop recording, just press K1 button to stop. On standby status, press K2 button switch to photograph function, then take photo. Press K1 button to stop. Exquisite and adjustable silicone wristband fits wrist of most people.

Quick Charge: You can charge this bracelet camera through a USB port. Alternatively, you can use a USB adapter to charge it more quickly.

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