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FAQ - China Electronics Manufacturer - Yitech Group Co., Ltd.
Q:   Can I trust doing business online with you?
Yes, of course. Yitech is a reliable supplier providing quality products and services. It is convenient and efficient to do business via Internet.
You are always welcome to initiate inquiries and place orders with us.Some people may not believe that they can just place orders via Internet and get them delivered. Have a try and see how much convenience and pleasure you will get from trading via Internet.
Q:   What payment methods does Yitech accept?
Yitech currently prefer below payment methods, all of which are convenient and easily arranged.
- Wire Transfer(T/T)
- Western Union
- Letter of Credit (L/C) 
Yitech recommends TT or Western Union etc. for small to medium orders. Letter of credit (L/C) is workable for very large orders. You should be able to find a convenient payment method that works for you.
Q:  How Are Goods Shipped To Me From China?
A wide range of shipping options are available for goods shipped from Yitech to you, e.g. EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT and Hong Kong Air Mail, Air Freight, Vessel.

Small orders can also be shipped by Air Mail which is very cheap. The option will appear automatically in the checkout if your goods weight is not too high (about 2kg).

For bulk orders by ocean is most economical mode. Of course, you can instruct your own forwarder to collect the goods at our warehouse.

Air express courier: after dispatch from Yitech warehouse in Shenzhen, China, the shipment goes to the airport in Hong Kong or in Guangzhou, and goes to your nearest major logistics hub. From there the goods are delivered by the courier's local services.

Customs clearance paperwork and procedures are handled by the courier. They may need to contact you in certain cases to confirm details of a shipment. In any cases where additional paperwork is required for customs clearance, Yitech will assist as much as possible
Q:   What is drop shipping?
Drop shipping is to deliver goods from a supplier directly to a retailer's customer. In other words, you as a retailer can ship to your customers directly from the suppliers' warehouses. Wholesale drop shipping attempts to minimize the cost of transportation and delivery. Through wholesale drop shipping, dealers and retailers can market and sell products without the need to stock them, make inventories, and pay for shipping fees.
Q:   What should I do if an item shipped to me is damaged or faulty?
First, you should rest assured that Yitech checks all products with a strict quality assurance checklist. The checks include the appearance of the goods, the function of the hardware and software, the packaging, and inclusion of applicable accessories and power adapters. Custom-made products will go through additional checklist as required by the customers.
For small orders and samples, Yitech executes the quality assurance check for all products. For large order, Yitech uses the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) industrial standard to ensure high product quality.
Rarely, rough handling by the courier can lead to physical damage to your goods, e.g. broken screen. In such a case, you can refer to Terms & Conditions.
Q:   Are products guaranteed? Is there a warranty?
Yes, product quality is our top priority. Unless otherwise specified, all the products Yitech sells are covered with a 12-month warranty against defects for all products.
The warranty does not cover driver incompatibility, normal wear, unauthorized firmware upgrade, non-rechargeable batteries, consumables, and damage due to accidents, physical force, water, fire, power surge, acts of God, natural disasters or other misuse.
Q:   Customs Clearance Issues
All imported goods are subject to Customs clearance in every country. When you buy from Yitech, the goods are sent from China. Therefore you are importing, and you are the importer responsible for the goods when the goods pass through Customs in your destination country. According to our general terms and conditions, you may order anything you like from Yitech and we will fulfill your order, but it remains totally your responsibility to find out in advance if the products are permissible to import into your destination country, and if so what clearance requirements, taxes, policies etc apply in that country. Yitech cannot and will not offer advice or pre-shipment information on Customs issues in any regard.

With over 6 years' trading experience, we can confirm that in over 99.9% of shipments from Yitech there is no issue with customs clearance. Furthermore in the majority of the rare cases subject to a delay in Customs, the goods are at last released and delivered successfully. That is because the clearance via normal shipping methods (couriers or post) is handled professionally by the shipping company, and Yitech is an experienced provider of correct shipping documentation and compliant products and packaging.

You need to be aware that, since any order you make on Yitech will pass through your country's customs, the customs have the right to hold and inspect your goods according to their policies.As the importer, you bear sole responsibility for the clearance of the goods any issues that may arise from an inspection or hold. Typically, the consignee of the shipped packets is taken as the importer in any problem case.

For drop-shipping, it is important to note that the consignee of the goods is your customer, and therefore they will be liable for any assessed import duties, sales taxes, or issues arising from customs inspection.

In most countries, depending on the category of goods imported and the quantity or value, the shipment will be assessed for duties and /or sales tax. That is your responsibility as the importer.

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